The Stone Edge Order Manager is priced “a la carte” based on the number of workstations it’s installed on as well as the type of maintenance agreement you choose. In addition to that there are several add-ons available that you may or may not need to complete your solution.

At a minimum a small user will spend a little over $300/month ($100 per workstation) for a fully functioning software solution.  The average company using The Stone Edge Order Manager can expect to spend between $500-750 per month to use it.  This might include 10 workstation licenses (enough for a small customer service team, management, and few shipping stations), a Standard maintenance plan for live telephone technical support, software updates for the year, and shopping cart and Amazon integration.

Pricing is as follows:

Workstation Licenses
A minimum of 3 workstations license required.
10 or more workstations automatically enables the “Enterprise” edition which uses a SQL database for data storage.
$35/month each
Annual Maintenance Contract (choose one)
Basic: Includes 2 hours of technical support and software updates $150/month
Standard: Includes 12 hours of technical support and software updates $250/month
Premium: Includes 32 hours of technical support and software updates $500/month
Shopping Cart/Marketplace Integrations
Note: Some discounts apply for bundles.  For example, purchasing an Amazon Integration for Seller Fulfilled Prime, FBA and Merchant Fulfilled stores is discounted.
$60/month each store