Implementation Services

Enjoy a smooth go-live with a professional implementation.

You do what you do best, therefore, allow us to do what we do best by helping you with a successful launch of your new software.  Our staff has years of experience working with thousands of retailers.  We’ve seen it all, and we have a solution for no matter what you throw at us.  Our implementation services are all-encompassing and include everything from installing and configuring the Order Manager, to establishing business processes, to training for your staff.

The first step in determining what type of implementation is appropriate for you is to perform a need assessment on your business.  From there, your account manager can put together an implementation plan that fits your requirements and budget.

Custom Software Development

There’s no such thing as “one-size fits all”.

Every single business is unique, and every single business has different requirements.  The Stone Edge Order Manager is extremely flexible, but there may still be something that you need it to do that it doesn’t do out of the box.  Its open-source nature invites users to customize the software to their exact requirements.  But if you do not have the knowledge or resources to make those changes, you can turn to Stone Edge Technologies for assistance.

Our in-house software developers are available to help you with whatever customization you may need.  Reporting, integrations with other software solutions, and automation scripts are all examples of common customization requests that we receive on a daily basis.  Please contact us below for help with your customization.

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