Our Company History

Since its introduction in the year 2000, thousands of companies have chosen the Stone Edge Order Manager to help streamline their businesses and increase their profits; even several of the Internet Retailer Top 500.  Today, the Stone Edge Order Manager is the leading order management system for independent retailers who ship 50 to 5,000 orders per day. Designed for single and multi-channel merchants, the Order Manager makes Web, Point-of-Sale and traditional mail order businesses easier to manage with practical and effective customer, inventory and order management tools.

Our parent company, NetSDL, brings even more experience and resources to the table for the Stone Edge community.  NetSDL offers commerce solutions to retailers around the globe.   NetSDL’s solutions have processed over 3,000,000 orders in a single day and are used by major global retailers including Addidas, Uniqlo, SkullCandy,  Lacoste, and many more.  Their OMS, WMS, PIM and ERP expertise is making its way more into the Stone Edge Order Manager every day.

Our Mission

The target market for the Stone Edge Order Manager is small-to-medium online retailers, ranging from simple Web-based businesses to multi-channel merchants handling multiple Web sites, marketplace sales, brick-and-mortar retail stores, and mail and phone orders. Our typical users ship 50 to 5,000 orders per day. Our business model has three main elements: OpennessValue, and Service.


You can see openness in our Web site, where our User’s Guides, Knowledge Base, and User Forum are all open to the public. You can see it in our software, designed for easy customization and shipped with mostly open source code.  And you’ll find it when you contact us and realize that there are friendly and knowledgeable people there to give you a hand.


By keeping our prices reasonable we are able to serve a large number of merchants, bringing them big-company features and capabilities at small-company prices that virtually any business can afford. By delivering traditional desktop-based software, we give our users complete control over their data and far greater customization capabilities than SaaS solutions can offer that make other order management systems dramatically more expensive.


And you will find excellent service when you deal with us, from your telephone calls with pre-sales questions to help with installing and configuring the Stone Edge Order Manager to your dealings with our support staff.   We understand that our software is at the core of your everyday business operations and strive to be the kind of company that you can trust with your business.