The Stone Edge Order Manager can improve your order accuracy, business efficiency, and customer satisfaction with powerful and practical tools to process the orders in a way that fits your business processes.

Order processing is a major strength with the Stone Edge Order Manager.   It includes many built-in features to help you streamline and automate whatever order processing tasks your business operations require.   Order processing can be a hands-on manual review of each individual order or a hands-off completely automated process or anywhere in between. 

Some key order processing features are as follows:

Single-order Processing

  • Quickly locate orders by last name, company name, Web order number or Order Manager order number.
  • Use Quick Filters (Today’s Pending Orders, Backorders to be Filled, Drop Ships to be Ordered, etc.) to select orders to work with. You can also create your own custom Quick Filters.
  • Search for orders by names, addresses, items in the orders, various order-related dates, custom fields, etc.
  • Add and delete line items.
  • Revise line items. Change SKU, description, quantity, price, cost, whether or not the item should be drop-shipped, etc.
  • Fill, force and cancel backorders.
  • Process payments, including credit card sales, captures, voids and credits.
  • Create RMAs and process returns and exchanges.
  • Create a re-order for some or all of the items on the current order.
  • Edit and validate billing and shipping addresses.
  • Email the customer, using a pre-designed email template or manually entered text.
  • View, enter and edit comments, instructions, gift messages and notes about the order. Notes can include follow-up tasks assigned to specific personnel.
  • Notes are also added automatically when various changes are made to an order, emails are sent, etc.
  • Enter and view shipping and tracking data. Track packages via carrier Web sites.
  • Create drop-ship purchase orders. Any one order can include items to be drop-shipped via multiple vendors and items to be shipped from stock.

Batch Processing Orders

  • Use Quick Filters, order numbers and searches by name, address, items sold, dates, custom fields, etc. to build a batch of orders.
  • Review payment, address and shipping info, products, notes, etc.
  • Zoom in to full order view as needed.
  • Select which orders to cancel, approve, capture or process payments, place drop-ship purchase orders, etc.
  • Click one button to process the orders.

Automated Order Processing

  • Match new orders against existing customers. Flag or cancel orders from problem customers. Add new customer records as needed.
  • Validate billing and shipping addresses against a USPS address database. Correct addresses as needed. Flag orders with problem addresses.
  • Allocate inventory for new orders. Backorder out-of-stock items. Create product records for any new items that are not currently in the Order Manager’s data.
  • Convert products with options (e.g. a T-shirt with size and color options) to the specific item that was ordered.
  • Add line items for kit parts.
  • Run “Approval Rules” that can approve or cancel orders, change shipping methods and set Order States based on address information, payment issues, shipping method, weight, specific items in the order, etc.
  • Charge, capture or pre-authorize credit card payments for problem-free orders.
  • Send confirmation emails to your customers. Different email templates can be used automatically for payment problems such as AVS or CVV failures.

Mail Order / Telephone Order Entry

  • Automatic customer lookup by Customer ID, Phone Number and Email Address. You can also search by name, company name, address, etc.
  • Click to validate Bill To and Ship To addresses.
  • Automatically display cross-sell items as products are added to the order. Encourages additional sales!
  • Display product-specific messages to the order taker to warn of age requirements, shipping restrictions, etc.
  • Many pricing options: regular and sale prices, price levels, quantity pricing, cost plus and percent off discounts.
  • Manual orders can be assigned to one of your Web sales channels.
  • Select from real-time UPS, Fedex and USPS shipping rates and methods.