Improve your support & customer service with tools that enable fast response times from your customer service department.

The Order Manager offers tools to automate routine customer management tasks as well as tools to market to your customers for increased sales and customer retention.  A customer database is automatically built as you import and process orders.

Email Communications

Automatically send email notifications for order confirmations, shipping notifications, and other critical emails.

  • Powerful Email Template system for sending pre-formatted messages.
  • Send a template-based or free-form email anytime you are viewing an order or customer.
  • Send bulk emails to customers.
  • Filter for customers by name, address, email, items purchased, etc.
  • View and filter on RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value) data for customers.
  • Export customer data to text files for use with bulk email programs, etc.

Customer Service

Billing, Invoicing and A/R

  • Track order and payment history.
  • Print Customer Statements
  • Print Aged Receivables reports.
  • Carry balances and credits forward to new orders.
  • Flag problem customers so you don’t ship to them again.

Call Center Operations

  • Search for customers by name, address, email, items purchased, etc.
  • Automatically fill in name and address information for Mail Order/Telephone Orders and select credit cards and ship-to addresses from customers’ earlier order.
  • Look up the status of orders and individual line items, tracking numbers, inventory levels.
  • Order Status System lets customers get up-to-the-minute status and tracking info on your Website.*

Notes & Task Management

  • Enter notes on orders and in customer records.
  • Setup notes to be automatically recorded as specific events happen.
  • Convert notes to tasks and assign them to employees.
  • Set tasks for future dates and times with automatic notification.

* Separate hosting fee required