Efficiency is the goal. The Stone Edge Order Manager gives you the tools to achieve it!
With tools for picking, packing and shipping, the Order Manager will help streamline your order fulfillment, eliminate packing errors and reduce labor costs. The software includes direct integrations to all of the major shipping carriers including UPS, FedEx, USPS, and more.  The software is designed to make picking, packing and shipping e-commerce orders cost effective, quick, and error free

Warehouse Picking

Picking orders is one of the most labor-intensive jobs for the typical ecommerce company. Improving the efficiency of our pickers can increase customer satisfaction and reduce labor costs. But no single picking system will work for all companies. The Order Manager includes several ways of printing pick tickets:

  • Discrete Order Picking (Pick-to-Order)
  • Cluster Picking (Pick-by-SKU)
  • Pick lists can be sorted by SKU or Location


eCommerce Shipping, amazon shipping, warehouse picking

The shipping system prioritizes orders to get the most critical shipments out first and ensures that you are leaving nothing unshipped.

The shipping system defaults to a list of all unshipped orders that sorted by the oldest order first.  This easily identifies workload for your packers and directs them to pack and ship the highest priority orders first.  A filter allows you to further drill down to select orders by shipping method or by order channel.  This allows you to give priority to expedited shipping methods or to orders like ship Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime orders, making this a great tool for Amazon shipping and any other priority shipping needs.

With a packing slip in hand, packers can scan a barcode to bring up that specific order to begin packing or, just immediately ship the order.

Rate Shopping

shipping rate shopping, ecommerce shipping

Built-in Rate Shopping will find the least expensive shipping option for each order.

Shipping rate shopping is THE quickest way to increase the profitability of your e-commerce retail business.  All Stone Edge Order Manager users automatically qualify for Commercial Plus Pricing on USPS shipments – that’s the biggest postage discount offered by the United States Postal Service.  Furthermore, the Order Manager will compare the cost to ship each package across all valid shipping methods that meet the time-in-transit requirements of the original shipping method selected by the customer when the order was completed.  For example, if your customer selected “2-day Shipping” for their order, and UPS Ground will get the order to the customer in the same time frame as UPS 2nd-day Air, it will select the least expensive option.  This can save a online retailer thousands of dollars each month!

Quick Shipping

Quick Ship is for merchants who need a quick way to print shipping labels for one or more orders, but do not have to barcode scan or otherwise confirm each item as it is packed. Here are some of the major features of the Quick Ship system:

  • Very fast – get the weight from a scale and/or print a shipping label with just one or two button clicks or barcode scans
  • Uses the Order Manager’s integrated shipping software for UPS and FedEx, as well as Endicia Dazzle for USPS shipping
  • Supports barcode scanners, electronic scales and label printers
  • Can print combined packing slip / shipping labels for UPS and Fedex
  • Build a list of orders to pack, or just enter or barcode scan an order number
  • Can be used efficiently as a separate shipping station if packing is done elsewhere
  • Can automatically set the status of each order after it is shipped

Pack and Ship

The Pack and Ship System lets you scan the barcode of each item as it is packed, which virtually eliminates packing errors. It is ideal for companies with large or complex product lines or who use seasonal labor that might not be as well trained or as familiar with your products.

The typical process for packing and shipping an order is:

  • Scan the order number of an invoice
  • Put an empty box on your scale (optional)
  • Scan each item as you pack it
  • When the last item has been packed, the program will get the weight from your scale, then print a UPS, FedEx or USPS label

Using the Pack and Ship System, you can:

  • Pack by order or by SKU
  • Collect serial numbers for specified items as they are packed
  • Set-aside partially packed orders and retrieve them for completion at a later date
  • Charge credit cards for orders that have not been paid yet
  • Print invoices and packing slips
  • Print shipping labels without going through the packing process
  • Review recent shipments

Shipping system integration

  • Certified integration with UPS
  • Certified integration with Fedex
  • Certified integration with USPS
  • Compatible with UPS Worldship
  • Compatible with Fedex Ship Manager
  • Compatible with Endicia Galaxy Ship
  • Compatible with ShipRush for UPS, Fedex and USPS
  • Easy integration with systems that can import orders and export tracking data via an ODBC database connection
  • Easy integration with systems that can import orders via text files