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As a global commerce leader, eBay allows you to buy, sell and save all in one. Buyers can choose from a wide variety of items on the eCommerce site, while sellers have the flexibility to pick from two different pricing styles.

About eBay

eBay is a popular global website where individuals can buy and sell new or old goods, which are offered at reasonably discounted prices. The unique auction features allow sellers to list items for an allotted amount of time, which gives buyers the opportunity to place bids against one another.  At eBay, you can find or sell nearly any type of item from all over the world, but you can also search for products available in your area. Founded in 1995, eBay was used for high acclaimed products, such as collectibles and vintage items; however, since then it has expanded into a more traditional eCommerce site. eBay has evolved into a website that provides sellers the platform, assistance and the tools they need to expand their businesses.  

Features & Benefits

  • Global marketplace to sell and buy goods.
  • Boost traffic with eBay’s SEO tool.
  • Choose between selling your items at a fixed cost or listing them in auction style.
  • Receive low and competitive fee prices.
  • Read reviews of past customers to guarantee reliability.


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