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X-Cart is an open-source shopping cart software that gracefully handles large product catalogs while still keeping your store fast.

About XCart

X-Cart works well out of the box but it’s endless options for customization and scalability that have allowed our business to grow at a faster rate than if we had used other out of the box carts.

Features & Benefits

  • Awesome Design Templates

    • Get your ecommerce website up and running fast — without breaking the bank. Take a peek at all the great design templates we offer, then choose your fave and start customizing.

  • Excellent cost of ownership

    • All you pay is a one-time licensing fee! No fee for transactions, no large monthly fees, no sneaky add-on fees like you get with “free” ecommerce software. When you want an upgrade, simply press one button and X-Cart updates automatically.

  • Open source PHP code

    • Open source means full control over everything for you. Add extra features now or in a year or two as your online business grows — no problem!

  • Technological Marvel

    • For you, it means smart and hassle-free performance. For your developer, it translates to faster work, easier maintenance and scalability plus helpful documentation — all of which are easier on your pocket!

  • Fast & Secure

    • X-Cart undergoes regular PCI tests to make sure it’s protected from possible vulnerabilities. It works on any hosting, even a shared one, while featuring industry leading security — naturally! Seamless integration with the top payment gateways means your ecommerce store can start selling today.


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