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Consulting 4 Quickbooks

Roxanne Brown of Consulting 4 Quickbooks has been a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor since 1999; specializing in eCommerce. Roxanne and her team have been working with Stone Edge clients since the first integration with QuickBooks way back in 2000.  Since then, they’ve assisted over 1,000 Stone Edge customers.


About Consulting 4 Quickbooks

Roxanne Brown and her team at Consulting 4 Quickbooks have specialized in QuickBooks and eCommerce since 1999. In the early days most companies were re-keying their website orders into QuickBooks and trying to manage everything inside the financial software; which led to a lot of extra work and countless mistakes. There weren’t many options available to merchants selling on the Internet; and as they grew it was becoming an even bigger challenge to run their businesses successfully and efficiently.

Roxanne was introduced to Stone Edge in 2000 and was asked to help with the very first Stone Edge & QuickBooks integration; which was incredibly exciting!  There was finally a solution that could manage the day-to-day operations of an eCommerce business that was customizable and wouldn’t break the bank. The best part; the integration with QuickBooks was a dream come true for her and her clients.

While QuickBooks can be a powerful program on its own; it was only meant to handle the financials for a business. In the eCommerce world of inventory, drop shipping, multiple websites, hundreds to thousands of orders a day – QuickBooks just can’t keep up. The perfect combination is a program that can handle all the complexities of an Internet business AND send over the financial information to QuickBooks in a usable format; this is where Stone Edge has always excelled.

Early on, Stone Edge understood the limitations of QuickBooks; and what information was necessary to create solid financial reports – without overloading or bloating the program.  Stone Edge went to great lengths to build in rock solid business rules so the merchant not only understands the information that is being exported; but can also be confident in their numbers.  While many programs insist on sending over detailed information and re-creating the data in QuickBooks; Stone Edge understood that sending over summary information was what was needed.  The details are available in Stone Edge; so, there is no reason to duplicate everything in QuickBooks – this also eliminates the need to start a new QuickBook file every year or two because their file is too large.

Features & Benefits

The key to a successful integration is the proper set-up; and that is where Roxanne and her team come in. They will assist the merchant in the transition from their current procedures to integrating with Stone Edge – and everything in-between. In addition to the correct set-up; they will help the merchant understand the data that Stone Edge exports to QuickBooks. When the data is sent, what is sent, what to look for, what reports should be reviewed on a regular basis, etc.

They also offer bookkeeping services, overall consulting and training for everything QuickBooks. Roxanne has worked closely with many developers, 3rd party programs, and CPA’s over the years and has a unique understanding of the challenges an eCommerce business faces.

In some cases, a merchant may have set up their QuickBooks integration themselves or with someone else; however, there may be issues with the set-up that’s causing the numbers to drift along the way. It’s very important to understand everything that Stone Edge can do and how it affects the accounting process. Scheduling a review of your set-up and QuickBooks file has saved several headaches over the years.


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