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The View Orders screen can be accessed from the Main Menu by clicking the [View] link in the Orders section.

The View Orders screen is the main location in the program that is used to view, cancel, approve, or print paperwork (invoices, packing slips, and shipping labels) for imported or manually entered orders, on an order by order basis.

Returns, exchanges, and other changes to orders can be performed at this screen, as well. A more complete list of functions can be viewed in Appendix A.

As the user becomes more familiar with the program and how it functions, they may prefer to utilize the Multi-Order Processor instead of the View Orders screen to process orders in a "batch" mode, rather than a single order at a time.

Description of the Orders Screen

Figure 1: Entire View Orders screen - Pricing tab is the default view of this screen 

Fields, Buttons and Controls on the Orders screen

Top Row of the Screen

Quick Filter Drop-down List
Multi-Order View
Recalc Button
Reorder Button
Add Orders Button
Print Button
Approve Button
Cancel Order Button
Search Button
Close Button

General Order Information

Order # Field
Date Field
Order Source Field
Order Source Order Number Field
Customer Name Field
Approved Check Box
Complete Check Box
Cancelled Check Box

Order Detail/Line Item Detail Section

Return/Exchange Button
Delete Button
Revise Button
Add Line Item Button
Backorders: Fill Button
Backorders: Cancel Button
Backorders: Force Button
Show Kit Parts/Hide Kit Parts Button
Send Email Button
On Order Button


Figure 2: Purchase Order Expected Dates screen

QOH Button
View Item Button

Order Detail Columns


Figure 3: (View) Orders screen - Order Details fields, continued

Figure 4: (View) Orders screen - Order Details fields, concluded

Unit Price
On Hand
Extended (Price)
Options 1-10
Freeform Options
Date Shipped
Exp. Date
Cost Per Unit
Drop Ship
Ext. Auction ID
Ext. SaleID



Tabs on the Orders Screen

The tabs are located below the Order Detail Section (halfway down the screen) and have a blue background with black text, in most cases. The name of the tab that is currently selected will be in bold type. If there is order data associated with a particular tab, the text becomes red.

Figure 1 shows the fields on the Pricing tab, which is currently selected. The other tabs are not presently visible, but when clicked, the fields that are contained on those tabs will become visible and the Pricing tab fields will no longer be seen.  

Notice that the Notes and Drop Shipping tabs are in red text, indicating that there is information on the Notes tab that should be reviewed and that the order contains at least one drop-ship item. Click the Drop Shipping tab to make any necessary revisions to the drop-ship order, place the order with the supplier, or add tracking data.

A more detailed description of each tab can be found below:

Pricing Tab

The Expected Net and Actual Net fields in the lower left-hand corner of the Pricing tab are controlled by the system parameter ShowNetFigures. Set the parameter to FALSE to hide these fields.

Addresses Tab
Comments & Instructions Tab
Notes Tab
Shipping & Tracking Tab
Ship Dates & Status
Drop Shipping Tab
Review Reasons Tab
Credit Card Terminal Tab
Custom Order Data Tab
Custom Detail Data Tab

Bottom Row of the Screen

Order State
Edit Button

Using Color to Highlight Conditions in Orders

The Order Manager can be configured to use colors at the Orders screen to highlight certain conditions that may exist in orders. In some cases the colors cannot be selected by the user, it is only possible to turn the highlighting on or off.

Approved Complete and Cancelled Check Boxes

The use of colors to highlight the backgrounds of the Approved, Incomplete, and Cancelled check boxes on the Orders screen, as well as the Needed field for Drop-Ship orders, was introduced in Version 5.9. It is only possible to turn this highlighting on or off, the user may not change the colors that are used.

The default setting of the system parameter ViewOrdersHighlightStatus is TRUE, which enables the highlighting, or color shading, of the background of the Approved, Complete and Cancelled fields, according to their current condition:

Line Item Detail Fields

DropShip Items

The default setting of system parameter, ViewOrdersHighlightDropships, is TRUE, and enables the highlighting, or color change, of the background of the Product column (royal blue) when an order contains a drop-ship line item. If ViewOrdersHighlightDropships is set to TRUE, the user may override the background and/or font colors that are displayed for drop-ship items by selecting the desired colors from the following system parameters:

Backordered Items

System parameter ViewOrdersHighlightBackorders is also set to TRUE by default, which will cause the background color of the Needed column to be RED when a product on the order needs to be obtained from a supplier. As long as ViewOrdersHighlightBackorders is set to TRUE, the background and text colors displayed in the Needed field can be overridden by the system parameter:

Externally-Fulfilled Items

System parameter SetExtFulfillmentHighlight can be used to change the color of the background or the text of the SKU and Product fields of a line item that is fulfilled outside of the Order Manager.

The Line Items tab of the Multi-Order Processor screen also displays the color changes specified in SetExtFulfillmentHighlight in the SKU and Product fields for externally-fulfilled items.

Items with Options or Freeform Options

System parameters, ViewOrdersHighlightOptions (for options 1-10) and ViewOrdersHighlightFreeform (for Freeform options) are both set to FALSE by default. If set to TRUE, they will cause the background color of the Option1-10 fields, or respectively, the color of the Freeform Options field to be yellow. (These fields can be seen by scrolling to the right in the Line Item Detail section of the Orders screen.) ViewOrdersHighlightOptions and ViewOrdersHighlightFreeform can be overridden, respectively, by setting the system parameters:

Appendix A:

Screen Functions

Additional activities that can be performed at the Orders screen:

Miscellaneous Notes


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