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Send Email Screen

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Email can be sent from various locations in the program, and the Send Email screen is the common interface for doing so. There may be some slight variations in the screen depending on the location from which the email is being sent, but the screen is basically the same throughout the program.

This screen is opened when the Send Email button is clicked at the following locations:

Email can also be sent from the Multi-Order Processor by selecting the appropriate check box and choosing an Email Template from the drop-down list on the Setup & Process tab.

To have an email confirmation sent when an order is placed at the Manual Orders screen, it is necessary to set system parameter, ConfirmManualOrders, to TRUE.

Be sure to review the Email Parameter Group to see the additional options for controlling the program's behavior regarding email.

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Description of the Send Email Screen

Figure 1: Send Email screen

Attachment Button

Figure 2: Select File screen

Send Button

Cancel Button

Email To Drop-down List

Email BCC Drop-down List

Select Template Tab

Edit Message Tab

Figure 3: Send Email screen - Edit Message tab, Confirmation with Invoice.txt template shown

Edit Template Button

Reload Button

Clear Button

Preview HTML Tab

This tab will only be visible if one of the HTML email templates is chosen on the Select Template tab, and system parameter EmailSendMethod is set to OrderManager.

Figure 4: Send Email screen - Preview HTML tab, HTML Tracking Numbers All.txt template shown

Email Template Drop-down List

Body of the HTML Email Message

Mail Format: Radio Buttons

Using the Send Email Screen

  1. Enter or change the Email To and Email BCC fields as necessary.

  2. Choose the email template that will be used for the message from the Select Template tab.

  3. If it is desirable to make a temporary change to the plain text of the email message for the current recipient, click the Edit Message tab and change the text as necessary. If the change should be made permanent, use the [Edit Template] button to change the currently selected template. Refer to Email Template Editor for more information.

  4. If HTML content is being included in the email message it can be reviewed by clicking on the Preview HTML tab.

  5. If another file should be attached to the email message, click the [Attachment] button to add it.

  6. When ready to send the email message, click the [Send] button.


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Created: 3/8/11

Modified: 7/7/11

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