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Shipping & Tracking Tab of the Orders Screen

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The Orders screen contains several tabs at the lower portion of the screen, one of which is the Shipping & Tracking tab. This article only covers the contents of the Shipping & Tracking tab. Refer to Related Topics at the end of this article for a list of Knowledge Base topics about the Orders screen and its other tabs.

The Shipping & Tracking tab displays information related to the shipment of the currently viewed order, such as the Shipping Method, weight and tracking information, as well as packing information if the Pack Orders, or Pack & Ship screens were used to prepare the order for shipment.

The tracking information seen here is normally generated when a shipping label is printed from one of the integrated shipping software solutions or it may be imported directly from an external shipping application or text file provided by a carrier. The user may manually add or alter some of the information found on this tab.

Another feature of this tab is the ability to obtain shipping rate information from various shipping carriers, such as UPS, USPS or FedEx.

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Description of the Shipping & Tracking Tab of the Orders Screen

Figure 1:  Shipping & Tracking tab of the Orders screen

Fields and Controls on the Shipping & Tracking Tab of the Orders Screen

Weight Fields

Shipping Method Field

Change Button

Figure 2: Shipping Methods/Select Shipping Methods screen

Packages & Tracking Section


Tracking Number
Pickup Date
Declared Val.


COD Amt.
Restricted Del.  
Cert. of Mail
Return Receipt
Delivery Conf.
Signature Conf.
Flat Rate
Cost Currency
Value Currency

Track Package Button

Add or Edit Button

Figure 3: Tracking Numbers/Enter Tracking Data screen

Delete Button

Get Shipping Rates Button

Residential Check Box

Packing & Package Contents Section

Serial #

Print Shipping Label Button

All Button

Selected Package Button


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Created: 1/21/11

Modified: 5/18/12

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