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Credit Card Terminal Tab of the Orders Screen

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The Orders screen contains several tabs at the lower portion of the screen, one of which is the Credit Card Terminal tab. This article only covers the contents of the Credit Card Terminal tab. Refer to Related Topics at the end of this article for a list of other Knowledge Base topics about the Orders screen and its other tabs.

The Credit Card Terminal tab is one of the places where the Order Manager can initiate or record payment processing. The user may initiate credit card transactions, such as authorizing, capturing payment or issuing credits against an individual order here.

This tab is not visible until a credit card gateway has been configured in the Order Manager.

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Description of the Credit Card Terminal Screen

Figure 1: Credit Card Terminal tab of the Orders screen

Mode Section

Paid in Full or Balance Due Field

Payment Information Section

Get Data from Order Button

Clear Data Button

Transmit Button

Transaction List Section

Date Field

State Field

Description Field

Amount  Field

Account Number Field

Exp Field

Approval Field

Amt Approved Field

Date Aprvd Field

AVS Field

CVV Field

Remaining Field

CAVV Field

Using the Credit Card Terminal

The Credit Card Terminal tab is only visible after a credit card gateway is configured in the Order Manager.

It is used to process cash sales, credit cart authorizations, delayed capture/posts, credits and voids.

When the Credit Card Terminal is opened, the credit card information fields are blank.

Click the Get data from order button to see the credit card information that was imported with the order.

The Amount field defaults to the balance or credit due for the order. To process a different amount, change the value in the Amount field.

To capture a pre-authorized payment or to issue a credit for an existing transaction listed in the table, click on the transaction before you click on the Transmit button. The program selects the appropriate action (Delayed Capture or Credit) based on the state of the transaction.

To send the information to your credit card processor, click the Transmit button. A message box will be displayed with the results. The appropriate information is also added to the transaction record for the current order.

CVV2 (CVV) Codes

The Order Manager does not store CVV2 codes; it is a violation of your merchant agreement with the credit card company to store this information. Instead of storing this information it is recommended that you pre-authorize funds on your web site.  With a pre-authorization you can capture the CVV2 code from your customer during checkout.  Once your orders are imported, the Order Manager has a record of the pre-authorization and the original transaction ID.  When you perform a capture on the credit card funds, the Order Manager sends the transaction ID with instructions to capture the transaction.  By capturing the payment in this way, there is no need to store the CVV2 code in the Order Manager; your payment gateway records it instead. However, you can enter the CVV2 code for manually-entered orders and it will be transmitted when you perform a capture.


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Created: 1/17/11

Modified: 1/31/12

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