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Adjust Inventory Screen

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The Adjust Inventory screen is called by the [Adjust QOH] button on the Inventory and Select Items screens, and  the [QOH] button on the Orders screen. It is used to manually alter the number of units for a given product, or can be used to transfer inventory between Single- Unit SKUs and Lot SKUs. System parameter AllowAdjustInventory controls the availability of the Adjust QOH buttons. 

The datasheet at the bottom of the page shows any outstanding orders for the product with its suppliers. If the supplier's QOH information is being used for the currently viewed product, there will be a notice in the lower left-hand side of the screen. In that case, the user will not be able to adjust the product's QOH via the Adjust Inventory screen.

If system parameter TrackInventoryAdjustments is set to TRUE, the program will require that the editors identify themselves and provide a reason for the adjustment. Reasons are defined by the user.

At this time, manual adjustments to inventory QOH are not automatically sent to QuickBooks. You must use the Inventory Adjustments report and manually create a journal entry in QuickBooks.  

Description of the Adjust Inventory Screen

Figure 1: Adjust Inventory screen

Fields and Controls on the Adjust Inventory Screen

Starting Quantity Field

Quantity to Add Field

Quantity to Subtract Field

Final Quantity Field

Reason for Adjustments Drop-down List

Adjustment Made By Drop-down List

Send QOH changes to websites Check Box

OK Button

Cancel Button

Transfer Inventory Button

Current Order Status Data Sheet


Created: 1/11/11

Modified: 2/25/13

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