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Reorder/Reship Screen

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The Reorder/Reship screen allows the user to place a new order for selected items from an existing order. This screen is opened by clicking the Reorder button on the Orders screen.

The user selects which of the line items should be reordered or reshipped by checking or un-checking the associated box in the Order column.

The original quantities, prices, etc. can be selected by default if system parameter ReorderDefaultPrices is set to TRUE, however, the user may manually change the quantity, price and shipping method from the values that were specified on the original order.

The item or items can be also changed to be drop-shipped and the user can add a Shipping Fee or record the reason for the Reorder, if desired.

Click the [Create New Order] button when ready to generate the new order. Depending on the radio button selected in the Go to: section of the screen, the program will either display the original order or the newly created order at that time.

As of Version 5.929, the program is aware of marketplaces and externally fulfilled items/orders and will not carry any marketplace information or externally fulfilled items to the new order

Description of the Reorder/Reship Screen

Figure 1: Reorder/Reship Screen

Shipping Method Drop-down List

Shipping Fee

Create New Order Button

Cancel Button

Notes / Reason for Reorder Field

Go to: Section of the screen

Order All Button

Clear All Button

Use Original Prices Button

Set Prices to Zero Button

Datasheet Grid

SKU Column

Product Column

Ordered Column

Shipped Column

Returned Column

Old Price Column

ORDER Column

New Qty Column

New Price Column

Drop Ship? Column



Created: 1/10/12

Modified: 1/13/12

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