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Notes Tab of Orders, Customer and Suppliers Screens

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The Orders, Customer and Suppliers screens contain several tabs at the lower portion of the screen, one of which is the Notes tab. The contents of the Notes tab on each of these screens is basically the same, except for the labeling of the right-hand pane and the Type of note that is selected, which changes according to which screen is being viewed. Refer to Figure 1. The fields described on this tab are also part of the Desc./Notes tab of the Inventory screen, and the View Notes & Tasks screen.

A list of all the Notes or Tasks that have been created in association with the current order, customer or supplier record is displayed in the left-hand pane. Select a note from the list and view the details of that note in the right-hand pane.

To use the Task system, the Order Manager's Security System must be enabled and user accounts created, so that tasks can be assigned to a particular individual. It is not necessary to have the security system enabled to create Notes, however.

Use the buttons along the top of the tab to manage the note or task: view outgoing emails associated with the current note, print the note, reply to the note, search for a note, as well as Add, Edit, Cancel and complete (Task Completed) a note or task.

The Delete button will not be visible unless system parameter AllowDeleteNotes is set to TRUE. If a note or task has an associated reply, the program will not delete it, even if this parameter is TRUE. Refer to Knowledge Base articles, Notes and Tasks for more information about these functions.

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Description of the Notes Tab

Figure 1: Notes tab of View Suppliers screen

Fields and Controls on the Notes Tab

View Outgoing Email Button

Task Completed Button

Cancel Task Button

Reply Button

Clear Filter Button

Search Button

Add Button

Edit Button

Delete Button

Note List Box

Note Text Box

Entered Field

By Field

Event Field

Priority Field

Keywords Field

Followup Field

Assigned To Field

When Due Field

Completed Field

Type Field

Has Email Check Box


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