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List Maintenance

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Some areas of the program utilize combo boxes or drop down lists that are populated by the user. The List Maintenance feature is the mechanism used to create and edit these lists. To access the List Maintenance screen, go to the Main Menu > [Maintenance] icon > [Maintenance] tab > [List Maintenance].

Description of the List Maintenance Screen

Figure 1: The List Maintenance Screen

Using the List Maintenance Screen

  1. Choose a list from the Select List section of the screen.

  2. Depending upon the list that is selected, one or more input fields will become visible above the List Entries section of the screen.

  3. Enter the appropriate data in the now visible input field or fields.

  4. When finished, click the [Save] button.

  5. The entry will appear in the List Entries section of the screen.

  6. To add more entries to the same list, repeat steps 3-4 as often as necessary to complete the list by simply over-typing the data that is in the input fields with the new values.

  7. To update another list, repeat steps 1-6.

  8. When finished, click the [Close] button to exit the List Maintenance screen.

For example, in Figure 2, the new payment term of Net 90 is being added. When the [Save] button is clicked, Net 90 will appear in the List Entries section underneath the Net 60 entry.

Figure 2: List Maintenance screen - Payment Terms list

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Created: 12/7/10

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