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Add/Edit Note Screen

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The Order Manager allows the user to record information in the form of a note or task that can be associated with an order, customer, supplier, or product. Tasks are notes that require that an action is completed. The Add/Edit Note screen is the interface where the user can manage notes and tasks.

The Add Note and Edit Note screens are virtually the same, except that the former creates the note or task while the latter is used when making a change to a note or task that was previously created. For more information about Notes and Tasks, refer to their Knowledge Base pages.


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Description of the Add/Edit Note Screen

Figure 1: Add Note screen

Figure 2: Edit Note screen

Fields and Controls on the Add/Edit Note screen

Entered Field

By Field

Event Field

Priority Field

Keywords Field

Status Field

Followup Task Field

Assigned To Field

Scheduled For Field

Completed Field

Enter your note here:  Field

Today Button

Tomorrow Button

Calendar Icon

Save Button

Cancel Button


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Created: 1/24/11

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