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Quick Filters

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"Quick Filters" are used to limit the types and the amount of orders that are displayed at the Orders or Multi-Order Processor screens. Each Quick Filter has its own set of criteria by which orders are selected for viewing. The program is distributed with nineteen pre-defined Quick Filters.

Make a selection from the Quick Filter drop-down list at the top of the Orders and Multi Order Processor screens to change the Quick Filter that is currently applied.

See system parameters MultiOrderDefaultView and DefaultOrderView to set the default view for the Multi-Order Processor and Orders screens, respectively.  


Standard Quick Filters (Provided with the Program)

Custom Quick Filters

Creating custom Quick Filters on your own requires some basic knowledge of SQL (Structured Query Language).


NOTE: Version 4.3xx and greater allows for 5 custom filters, Version 4.2xx and lower allows only 1



For example:


If you want a filter to look for all orders that are approved in the state of PA then enter:

Approved=True AND Cancelled=False AND (State='PA' or ShipState='PA')



Created: 12/15/10

Modified: 9/12/13

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