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Review Reasons Tab of the Orders Screen

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The Orders screen contains several tabs at the lower portion of the screen, one of which is the Review Reasons tab. This article only covers the contents of the Review Reasons tab. Refer to Related Topics at the end of this article for a list of Knowledge Base topics about the Orders screen and its other tabs.

The Review Reasons tab not only displays any reason that an imported order should be reviewed manually before being approved, it is also the place where the user can bypass any or all of those reasons to approve the order. Some reasons that an order may not be automatically approved are:

System parameter AllowApproveWithOpenIssues controls the behavior of the program in relation to Review Reasons tab. If this parameter is set to TRUE, it is possible to Approve an order even though it may have one or more reasons for review. Refer to Set System Parameters,  for instructions.

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Description of the Review Reasons Tab

Figure 1: Review Reasons tab of the Orders screen

Fields and Controls on the Review Reason Tab

OK Selected Reason Button

OK All Reasons Button

Add a Reason Button

Figure 2: Select A List/Enter a Review Reason screen   

Show: Radio Buttons

Datasheet Fields


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