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Drop Shipping Tab of the Orders Screen

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The Orders screen contains several tabs at the lower portion of the screen, one of which is the Drop Shipping tab. This article only covers the contents of the Drop Shipping tab. Refer to Related Topics at the end of this article for a list of topics about the Orders screen its other tabs.

The Drop Shipping tab provides the mechanism for creating drop ship purchase orders, if the program has been configured to perform drop shipping. Drop shipping is the process whereby a merchant does not physically take possession of the products that are purchased by a customer, but rather they are shipped directly from the supplier (vendor) to the customer.

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Description of the Drop Ship Tab of the Orders Screen

Figure 1: Drop Shipping Tab of the Orders screen

All drop ships ordered Check Box


Selected Item

All from Selected Supplier


Figure 3: Re-do all drop-ship purchase orders for current order? message box

Pick Supplier or Cancel Drop-Ship Button

Email Supplier Button

Tracking Button

Datasheet Section



Supplier's SKU
Quantity Ordered
Drop Ship Order #
Drop Ship Order Date
Supplier QOH


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Created: 1/20/11

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