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This screen is opened when the Pick Supplier or Cancel DropShip button on the Drop Shipping tab of the Orders screen is clicked. It is used to change the vendor that will fill the order for the item or to fill a drop-ship item from stock rather than from a vendor, before the program has created the drop-ship purchase order. If the drop-ship purchase order has already been created, any changes must be made at the Purchase Order screen.

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Description of the Edit Drop-Ship Details Screen

LocalSKU Field

Product Name Field

Supplier Field

Save Button

Cancel Button

Cancel Drop-Ship Button

List Box

Select Button

Notes Field

Change the Drop-Ship Supplier for an Item

  1. Click the row of the alternate supplier of the item from the list.

  2. Click the Select button. The information in the Supplier field of this screen is changed accordingly.

  3. Click the Save button to make the change permanent.

  4. Click the Cancel button to return to the Drop Shipping tab of the Orders screen and place the Drop-Ship Purchase Order for the item.  

Change a Line Item from Drop-Ship Status

  1. The list box will contain the product and supplier information for the item that was selected on the Drop Shipping tab before the Pick Supplier or Cancel Drop-Ship button was clicked.

  2. Click the Cancel Drop Ship button to remove the item from drop-ship status and fill the order from stock instead.

  3. The program will prompt the user for verification before making the change.

  4. Click OK.  

  5. The program returns to the Drop Shipping tab of the Orders screen automatically.



Created: 2/10/12

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