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Addresses Tab of the Orders Screen

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The Orders screen contains several tabs at the bottom of that screen, one of which is the Addresses tab.

This article only contains information about the fields that are found on the Addresses tab, which includes the billing, shipping and email addresses associated with a given order as well as the optional features of Customer IP address and Fraud Scores. The Customer IP feature depends on whether the shopping cart system provides that information and the Fraud Score feature requires a subscription to one of the MaxMind fraud services.

The Addresses tab also provides an interface to validate mailing addresses, view the entire customer record, or the Recency, Frequency and Monetary summary.

Utility buttons to reassign an order to a different customer record or to create a new customer record can also be found here.

Description of the Addresses Tab

Figure 1: Orders Screen - Addresses tab

Fields on the Addresses Tab



Customer IP, etc.

Market Cust ID

Fraud Score

Buttons on the Addresses Tab



Send Email

View Customer Info

Select this Customer's Orders


Show RFM Data

Assign to Different Customer

Create & Assign to New Customer


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Created: 1/3/11

Modified: 1/9/12

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