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RFM Data

RFM is a method used for analyzing customer behavior based on Recency (when was the last order?), Frequency (how many orders has this customer placed?), and Monetary Value (what is the value of this customers orders?).  


On the Addresses tab of the View Orders screen, click the Show RFM Data button to view RFM data about a customer.

Note: the RFM Data for Selected Customer screen was expanded in the Order Manager 5.8XX Beta series to include a display of previous orders from the current customer.  

Note: The Show RFM Data button is also available on the View Customers screen. Beginning with the Order Manager 5.8XX Beta series, the Enter Orders Manually screen features the Order History button, which opens the RFM Data for Selected Customer screen. See Export Customer Data & Send Bulk Email for information about generating customer reports filtered by range of order frequency and/or order value within a selected date range.


Created: 1/20/12


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