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Approval Options Screen

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The Approval Options screen is where the user may perform a variety of functions, such as marking the order as Approved, printing the order paperwork, setting a shipping date, and sending an email confirmation to the customer.

This screen is called by the [Approve] button on the Orders screen or it will also be displayed when the [Save] button is clicked when entering a Manual Order.

In either case, the title and label of the screen will read "Print Options", unless the user has configured the program to automatically approve manual orders (system parameter, ApproveManualOrders=TRUE). In that case, the screen title will read "Approval Options" and the label will read "Order Approval Options" instead.  

Description of the Approval Options Screen (aka Print Options, Order Approval Options)

Figure 1: Approval Options Screen - as displayed when the [Approve] button on the Orders screen is clicked

Figure 2: Approval Options Screen - as displayed at the Manual Orders screen when Manual Orders are automatically approved, and the order is [Saved].

Functions that can be performed at the Approval Options screen

  1. Approve Without Printing - approve the order but do not print the paperwork

  2. Approve & Print Now - approve the order and send the order's paperwork to the printer immediately

  3. Approve & Print Later - approve the order and add the order's paperwork to the batch printing queue


Created: 12/24/10

Modified: 10/5/11


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