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Ship Dates & Status Tab of the Orders Screen

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The Orders screen contains several tabs at the lower portion of the screen, one of which is the Ship Dates & Status  tab. This article only covers the contents of the Ship Dates & Status tab. Refer to Related Topics at the end of this article for a list of Knowledge Base topics about the Orders screen and its other tabs.

The Ship Dates & Status tab displays the current order or item status as defined within the Order Manager. It also provides the mechanism for the user to manually set Expected and Actual shipping dates for an item or the entire order.

If Status Events have been configured to notify the originating shopping cart system or the Stone Edge Technologies Order Status System, the user may be able to manually trigger that event to fire at this screen, depending on how the Status Events feature is configured.

Status Events can also be configured to fire automatically at other locations in the program when a defining condition of a given Status Event is met, causing the fields on this tab to be populated without manual intervention. Refer to the Knowledge Base topic, Status Events, for more information.

The degree of functionality, of which the Status Events feature is capable, depends on the shopping cart system that is in use. Refer to the Shopping Cart Matrix to determine the abilities of the shopping cart system.  

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Description of the Ship Dates & Status Tab

Figure 1: Ship Dates & Status Tab of the Orders screen

Fields and Controls on the Ship Dates & Status Tab

Order Status Field

Send Status to Web Button

Datasheet Section

Set Dates for:

Selected Item
Entire Order

Set Status for Order or Item(s) List Box

Web Status

Packing Slip Printed Check Box

Invoice Printed Check Box


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