On September 26, 2022, we were notified by Stone Edge users that Avalara was returning an authentication error for Stone Edge users on the old integration. This includes any version older than 7.052 and versions 7.701-7.723. This is because the prior versions use a legacy integration that Avalara no longer supports. Stone Edge was updated to use the current Avalara API integration, starting with version 7.724. This integration works and will continue to be maintained for new releases of Stone Edge.

The issue:

When trying to use Stone Edge and having Avalara set as the sales tax system, the following error will appear:


We recommended updating to the current version of Stone Edge Order Manager, which can be downloaded here: Download Gateway – Stone Edge Technologies

If you need help upgrading to the current version and are already within the 7.7xx, please reach out to support@stoneedge.com.

If you are on version 7.052 or below, please contact sales@stoneedge.com to ensure a smooth update to the 7.7xx series.


While it may be appealing to try and update the code so you can stay on the same version you are currently on, it is not recommended. Reviewing the code and editing needed parts manually will take significant time. It will also be a separate custom cost and varies depending on the amount of work. This will be at your time and expense and hinder your business operations. No guarantee that changing the code will work since the integration is still considered legacy.