Less Secure Apps for Google

Stone Edge is compatible with Google email accounts by enabling “Less Secure Apps.” As of May 30, 2022, “Less Secure Apps” will be depreciated and unavailable. Google Workspace has an extended date yet to be determined but will be announced on the Google Workspace Blog.

Once “Less Secure Apps” becomes unusable, Stone Edge will no longer be able to use SMTP for Google emails.

What does this mean for Stone Edge?

There are essentially two solutions to this issue.

  1. Migrate to a different email platform.

We recommend migrating to Microsoft Outlook since any company with Microsoft 365 will already have access to this. Migrating includes mail, calendar, and contacts with few exceptions. Microsoft has detailed articles on migrating from Google, which can be found below.

Perform a Google Workspace migration to Microsoft 365 or Office 365 | Microsoft Docs

Migrate consumer Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) mailboxes to Microsoft 365 or Office 365 | Microsoft Docs

NOTE: There are many other email platforms that can be used your company will need to research which is right for your needs.

  1. Use a 3rd party email client using GWSMO or IMAP.

Again, we recommend going to Microsoft Outlook as Google supports GWSMO (Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook). This feature allows users to synchronize their Google accounts with a Microsoft account. Google has step-by-step instructions for this process which can be found below.

Administrator setup for GWSMO – Google Workspace Admin Help

To synchronize Google with other third-party email clients, you will need to turn on IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), which also offers a variety of settings. You can find more information in the article below.

Set up Gmail with a third-party email client – Google Workspace Admin Help


Luckily, this change should not affect any Stone Edge users with enough preparation. If you run into any issues connecting SMTP settings after the change you can contact us on our support portal or at support@stoneedge.com.