Colorado Retail Delivery Fee

Overview As of July 1, 2022, Colorado has implemented a retail delivery fee "All deliveries by motor vehicle to a location in Colorado with at least one item of tangible personal property subject to state sales or use tax." (Colorado Department of Revenue website) "Retailers that make retail deliveries must show the total of the fees on the receipt or invoice as one item called 'retail delivery fees.'" (Colorado Department of Revenue website) Retail Delivery Fee | Department of Revenue - Taxation (colorado.gov) NOTE: Read the article for full specifications of the fee and what is required Starting with version 7.732, Stone Edge will have a built-in solution to comply with this fee. The change will: Add the necessary $0 line item to manual orders shipping to CO Let anyone using order manager as their tax system add a flat rate to their sales tax Marketplaces should have systems in place to deal with this change since the customer first sees their receipt from the website upon ordering. Marketplaces and Sales Tax Systems (Updated 7/05/2022) This is a list of articles regarding different company's approaches to this new fee Marketplaces Amazon Colorado Marketplace Tax and Retail Delivery Fee Collection FAQ [...]

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Critical Stone Edge Update for Yahoo Store Owners

Overview Due to recent security enhancements made by Yahoo, there is a mandatory code change needed in Stone Edge in order to continue to process payments via the Yahoo Payment API.  For Yahoo users who do not use the Payment API, there is no further action required. This change is discussed in detail here:  https://help.smallbusiness.yahoo.net/s/article/SLN19413 Who is Effected All Yahoo Stores who use the Yahoo Payment API to process payments in the Stone Edge Order Manager. The Fix For Merchants Using The Stone Edge Order Manager Version 5.9x to 7.048 There are multiple options to obtain the fix: Option 1 (preferred):  Upgrade to version 7.049 or higher, including the current beta release (but not 7.1x or 7.5x) Option 2:  For merchants who may have difficulty upgrading to do heavy customizations you can manually apply the code change below.  The code change must be made on ALL PC's running Stone Edge Order Manager. Steps for Updating the Code Manually With Stone Edge open hit Control-G to open the VBA code.  Then click anywhere in the code. Hit Control-F to open the Find window Copy and paste the following text into the Find What text box: payment.store.yahooapis.com/V1/order Select "Current Project" under Search and [...]

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