Stone Edge Technologies is officially announcing the end-of-life status for legacy Stone Edge Order Manager versions. While the majority of our customers will not be impacted, companies presently using older releases are strongly encouraged to start planning to upgrade now.

The versions of The Stone Edge Order Manager that will need to be upgraded are as follows:

  • All early versions up to v5.938. (Release date 1/2013)
  • 7.001 through 7.052 (Release date 6/2012)
  • 7.100 through 7.502 (Release date 8/2013)
  • 7.700 through 7.732* (Release date 8/2019)

(Please note, versions 7.700 through 7.732 are essentially version 8.0xx. Upgrading will be similar to a minor version update.)

Why are these versions designated as end-of-life?

There are a few reasons why we have designated these versions with the “end of life” status at this time:

  • Microsoft Access – Most legacy versions of Stone Edge are using editions of Microsoft Access that are no longer supported by Microsoft.
  • Latest releases resolve known bugs – Requests for support that are identified as “bugs” from legacy releases are continually addressed in later versions. Staying up to date with new releases will ensure the most stable environment for your business.
  • Aging integrations – Now more so than ever, we are seeing more frequent updates to API integrations such as credit card gateways, tax services, shopping/marketplace integrations, shipping carriers, etc. Staying up-to-date with Stone Edge, will help prevent an unannounced end-of-life event from dependent integration/services.
  • Upgrading Infrastructure: Stone Edge’s infrastructure has been updated over the years. Unfortunately, some old versions of Stone Edge are hard-coded to communicate with old servers that are now obsolete, no longer maintainable, and will be going off-line. We have tested Version 8.0 and higher to be fully compatible with our latest cloud infrastructure.

When will this take place?

The legacy infrastructure is scheduled to go offline on 9/30/2024. We highly recommend that if you are using any versions below Version 8.x that you make plans to update as soon as possible.

What happens if I do nothing?

If you do not upgrade before 9/30/2024, The Stone Edge Order Manager may cease to function.

How to move forward?

If you need to upgrade, Stone Edge Technologies is available to assist you, or you can perform the upgrade yourself. Please visit this page from our website for more information – Steps to Consider When Upgrading – Stone Edge Order Manager


The Stone Edge Team.