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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I email tracking information to customers automatically?


How do I verify that I'm using the correct email templates?


How do I include my company's logo in my outgoing email?


How do I move the Order Manager data file to another file server?


How do I install the Order Manager on a new computer and continue to use the original data file?

Inventory & Suppliers

How do I import my inventory data from a text, CSV, Access database file?


How do I create a file to send to my fulfillment center?


How do I set the primary supplier for multiple inventory items?


Can I fax purchase orders and drop-ship purchase orders automatically from within the Order Manager?


How do I receive inventory?


What is the best way to synchronize inventory (product) data between the Order Manager and Miva Merchant?


Can I change the character limit of a field without harming anything?


I have multiple stores. Is it better to create multiple stores in the Order Manager or one store with multiple shopping carts?


What is the Miva Merchant Export Module?


How do I create a purchase order?


How do I import old orders without having to process them again?


Can I perform one operation (e.g. approve orders or capture credit card payments) on multiple orders at the same time?


Can I automate approving orders and capturing credit card payments?


I use AbleCommerce. Can my customers log into my website to get their tracking number and check the status of their order?


I created custom fields in my shopping cart. Can I import the data in the fields into the Order Manager?


After I import new orders, the Ordered and Shipped fields on the View Orders screen both display quantities. How can I configure the Order Manager to not show a quantity in the Shipped column until after I've shipped the order or drop-shipped it from my supplier?


What is the difference between logging payments or credits on the Pricing tab and charging or crediting a customer's credit card on the CC Terminal tab on the View Orders dialog box?


What settings are necessary in order to charge credit cards in my shopping cart instead of in the Order Manager?

Point-of-Sale (POS)

How do I place an order for out-of-stock items at the point-of-sale screen?


What is batch printing?


How do I print barcode labels?


How do I recover/reprint a printed document?


I use an UPS LP2844 thermal printer to print shipping labels and it takes up to a minute to print one label. How can I eliminate the delay?

Purchase Orders - Drop Ship

How do I cancel orders that were already sent to my drop shipper or fulfillment center?


How do I import a custom report?


Why, if I run different reports for a given time period, do the results not match?


How can I hide the credit card numbers on the last copy when I print multiple copies of an invoice at a time?


How do I control what my employees can see and do in the Order Manager?


How do I integrate UPS WorldShip with the Order Manager?


How do I integrate FedEx Ship Manager with the Order Manager?


Does the Order Manager support the use of Mail Innovations (UPS and USPS) or FedEx Smart Post?

Shopping Carts

Click on one of the links below to read about how to import orders from your shopping cart.





Created: 1/30/12

Modified: 2/26/14

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