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Batch Printing

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The Order Manager provides a batch printing feature for users that prefer to manage order-related printing, such as invoices, packing slips, credit slips, etc.,  as a group, rather than on an order by order basis. This feature is accessed by the Batch Printing link in the Reports section of the Main Menu. When there are documents to print, the lettering of the link is in red, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Batch Printing link in Report section of the Main Menu

Some printed paperwork can be added to the batch print queue automatically as orders are approved upon import, from the Multi-Order Processor, or they can be added manually at the Pack & Ship, QuickShip or Orders screens.

The number of copies, for each type of document that will be printed, is controlled by the settings on Page 2 of the Printing section of the Setup Wizard.

Shipping labels are not affected by these settings, as they are actually printed by the integrated shipping software of the carrier. FedEx or UPS labels can be printed from this screen, however. To batch print USPS shipping labels from Endicia's DAZzle, it is necessary to use the DAZzle Batch feature, instead.

Pick Lists are not managed at this screen. They may be printed automatically as orders are imported (PrintPickLists system parameter).

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Description of the Batch Printing Screen

Figure 2: Batch Printing Screen

Fields and Controls on the Batch Printing Screen

Print for:

Print on: Check Boxes

Select a Printer List Box

Select a Paper Source List Box

Purge Batch Queue Button


Number in List Column

Close Button

Recovering the Print Queue

Sharing a Print Queue across Networked Workstations

Batch Printing and Multiple Store Files

System Parameters to Review


Created: 1/25/11

Modified: 9/23/11

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