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QuickShip Screen

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The QuickShip screen is one of several screens that can be used to ship items, most commonly when the business is large enough to have a dedicated shipping workstation. The user is able to print shipping labels from the major shipping carriers at this screen, provided the appropriate integrated software solution has been enabled in the Order Manager.

The Quick Ship screen does not require the user to confirm that the items being placed in the shipping container belong to the currently viewed order. This results in faster packing, but the program will not record packing information for those orders processed at this screen.

To record packing data for each order, use the Pack Orders or Pack & Ship screens to confirm items as they are placed in the shipping container. The Pack Orders screen is not able to print shipping labels.

To use the QuickShip screen, set system parameter, PackingAllowQuickShip is set to TRUE.  Refer to Knowledge Base topic, Set System Parameters, for instructions. QuickShip will then be accessible through the Main Menu.

This topic describes the Quick Ship screen only. To read more about the other packing screens, refer to the Related Topics at the end of this article.

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Description of the Quick Ship Screen

Figure 1: Quick Ship screen

Fields and Controls on the Quick Ship Screen

Packer Drop-down List

Set finished order Status to Drop-down List

Help Button

Close Button

Build List of Orders Section

This section of the screen works much like the Multi-Order Processor screen in that the user can build a list of orders by entering selection criteria in one or more of the following fields:

Order Status Drop-down List
Quick Filter Drop-down List
Order #
Shopping Cart Drop-down List
Web Order # Drop-down List
Search Button
Clear List Button

Orders Section

Details Section

Ship To: Field

Phone Field

Edit Button

Validate Button

Telephone Button

Email Drop-down List

MaxMind Fraud Score Field and Button

View Customer Button

View Order Button

Send Email Button

Shipping Method Drop-down List

Weight Field

Size-inches Field

COD $ Field

Set Button

Residential? Check Box

Declared Value Field

Set Ship Date To Field

Calendar Button

Box Drop-down List

Pack Drop-down List

Desc of Goods Field

Have Send Shipper Send Email? Check Box

Saturday Delivery? Check Box

Scale Button

0 Button


Print Label Button

Invoices Field

Packing Slips Field

Print Button

Ordering Instructions Field

Comments Field

Using the Quick Ship Screen

  1. Select the name of the packer from the drop-down list.

  2. Optional: Choose a status label to be assigned to the orders when they have been packed. In this example, the status label of Shipped was selected. Depending on how the status events system is configured at your installation, this may not be the best label to use. It might be better to create a custom status label of "Packed" instead.

  3. Build the list of orders to be packed and shipped. In this example, the Approved Orders with No Date Shipped Quick Filter was used to create the list of orders. Additional orders could be added to the list by using the other criteria fields in the Build List of Orders section of the screen.   

Figure 2: Quick Ship screen showing a group of orders ready to be packed

  1. In the Orders section, there is a group of orders that need to be packed. The currently selected order is order # 2290, which has been paid in full, as indicated by the $0.00 Balance; the order contains two line items, as seen in the Details section of the screen. The SKUs, product descriptions, and quantity ordered of each line item is displayed. An Expected Ship Date has not been established for these items. The order contains no special instructions or comments, and a shipping method has not yet been assigned to this order.

Figure 3: Quick Ship screen - after a shipping method has been assigned to the order

  1. A shipping method of First Class Mail has been selected, which relates to a USPS shipping method that is defined within the Order Manager; therefore, the Print Label button indicates that a shipping label will be printed through Endicia's DAZzle integrated shipping software.

  2. If it is desirable to include an invoice or packing slip with the package, enter a value in those fields and click the [Print] button.

  3. Notice that the program has automatically entered a date in the Set Ship Date field. To change that value, over-type the date or use the [Calendar] button.

  4. Since the order is not being sent to an international address, the Declared Value and Description of Goods fields do not need to be completed.

  5. When all of the items are in the box and it is sealed, click the [Print DAZzle Label] button and affix the shipping label to the package.

  6. Order #2290 will then have a check mark in the Shipped column of the Orders section of the screen.


Created:  3/24/11

Modified: 1/9/12

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