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Pack Orders Screen

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The Order Manager offers several screens where orders can be "packed" and "shipped".

The Pack Orders  and Pack & Ship screens both require the packer to verify each item as it is placed in a shipping container, and both screens also support the use of barcode scanners, however, only the Pack & Ship screen is able to print shipping labels. The Pack & Ship screen can also be configured to display product images to help reduce packing errors. Use system parameter, Packing Form to choose which packing screen the program will use.  

The program also features another screen, QuickShip, from which the user can print shipping labels, however, this screen does not require the user to verify items as they are packed. The program assumes that all line items are packed, thus reducing the amount of time required to ship an order. To use the QuickShip screen, set system parameter PackingAllowQuickShip to TRUE. Refer to Knowledge Base topic, Set System Parameters, for instructions.

Description of the Pack Orders Screen

Select Packer Drop-down List

Scan or enter Order # Field

Start Over Button

Close Button

Customer Name Field

Shipping Method Field

Ship To Field

Comments Field

Purge all packing data prior to MM/DD/YY Check Box

A-Z Ascending and Z-A Descending  Buttons

Show: Section

Remaining Button

All Button

SKU Field

Quantity Field

Log as Packed Button

Datasheet Grid

This section of the screen will list each of the line items contained in the order. Double-click in the SKU or Product columns of a row to have the program put that item's SKU in the SKU text field. The user must manually enter the number of units in the Quantity field. Click the Log as Packed button.

SKU Column

Product Column

Ordered Column

Shipped Column

Packed Column



Created: 1/24/12

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