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Installation Checklist


This document assumes that you already have a functioning Web store (shopping cart). Setting up a Web site is outside the scope of this article.

Have someone with a thorough understanding of your current operations and order fulfillment process involved with the installation and customization of the program.

When the Order Manager program is purchased, a license to use one type of shopping cart is provided by Stone Edge Technologies, Inc. Licenses for other shopping cart types can be purchased separately, as needed. Stone Edge Technologies, Inc. directly integrates with, or "supports", the shopping cart types listed in the shopping cart matrix. If you will be using an "unsupported" or generic shopping cart, it is necessary to purchase a generic shopping cart license from Stone Edge Technologies, Inc., if you have not so already. Generic shopping carts may require more extensive setup than a supported shopping cart, and therefore may require outside IT resources to complete them.

Check the Requirements and Gather Pertinent Data

Required Hardware and Software
Optional Hardware
Third Party Products
Credit Card Processors
Sales Tax
Shipping Software
Shopping Carts




Created: 1/18/12

Modified: 11/25/13

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