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MS Access 2007 Notes

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The purpose of this topic is to report any issues that the customer should be aware of before installing the Order Manager on a workstation which also has MS Office/MS Access 2007 installed.


Microsoft Access 2007 Speed Issues

Figure 1: MS Access  - locating the ribbon

Microsoft Access Security Issues


  1. Once Access is installed on your computer, download Microsoft Service Pack 2 for Office 2007 and follow the instructions within the Microsoft documentation to install the service pack. (This is a large file and takes a few minutes to download.)

  2. Restart your computer after installing the service pack.

  3. Open Microsoft Access. Click the round Office button in the top left corner.

Figure 2: MS Access  - accessing the Access settings

  1. In the window that opens, click the [Access Options] button at the bottom.

Figure 3: MS Access  - selecting the Access Options

  1. In the Access Options window, click the [Trust Center] button on the left navigation bar.

Figure 4: MS Access  - opening the Trust Center screen

  1. Then on the next page that opens, click the [Trust Center Settings] button in the lower right section of the page.

Figure 5: MS Access  - at the Trust Center screen, open the Trust Center Settings screen


  1. In the Trust Center window, click the [Macro Settings] button on the left navigation bar. (The default Macro Setting in Access 2007 is either the second or third option.)

Figure 6: MS Access  - Trust Center Settings screen, Macro Settings

  1. Choose the [Enable all macros] option (lowest macro security level) in the Macro Settings list.

Figure 7: MS Access  - Macro Settings, enabling all macros

  1. Click [OK] and close out of Access. You can now install the Order Manager on this computer.


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