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The Multi Order Processor section of the Store Setup Wizard is where the user may choose their preferences for the manner in which the program behaves when processing orders at the Multi-Order Processor screen. Accessed via the Multi-Order View link on the Main Menu, the Multi-Order Processor is the location in the program where a batch of orders can be selected and processed as a group, rather than by the order by order basis that is performed at the Orders screen.

This section of the Wizard contains a single page of settings, most of which establish the default values that are pre-populated in the Options for Batch Order Processing section of the Setup & Process tab of the Multi-Order Processor screen. These values can still be temporarily overridden by the user at the Multi-Order Processor screen by manually over-typing the number of copies or clicking the desired control on the screen.

The settings on this page correspond to system parameters belonging to the Multi-Order Processor Parameter Group.

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Description of Page 1 of the Multi-Order Processor Section

Figure 1: Store Setup Wizard - Multi-Order Processor Page 1

Default View Drop-down List

Allow shipping method changes? Check Box

Allow Price changes?

Set actual date shipped for approved orders? Check Box

Include orders that still have Backorders? Check Box

Defaults for what should be added to the Batch Printing Queue Section

The Batch Print Queue allows the user to print the paperwork for a group of orders at one time and is performed at a later date, rather than as each order is approved; refer to Batch Printing and DAZzle Batch Review screen for more information.

Number of invoices to print Field

Number of packing slips to print Field

Number of mailing labels to print Field

Add shipping labels to Batch Queue? Check Box

Default backorder filling mode Drop-down List

Default credit card process Drop-down List

Default email template Drop-down List

Add/Edit Email Template Button   

Navigational Arrows

Wizard Section and Page Numbers

Help Button

Cancel Button

Save and Exit Button



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