Multi-Order Processor Parameter Group

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The Order Manager includes hundreds of System Parameters that can be used to tailor the program to a merchant's way of doing business. For ease of use, the system parameters are divided into "Parameter Groups" with related functions. This article describes the parameters that are part of the Multi-Order Processor parameter group.

To change a system parameter, go to the Maintenance Menu and double-click "Set System Parameters" from the list of links, or select System Parameters from the Quick Clicks on the Main Menu.


Parameter Name



If TRUE, the Multi-Order Processor will attempt to capture pre-authorized charges for less than the original authorized amount if the amount due has been reduced. Results will depend on whether your credit card gateway allows capturing less that the approved amount.


At the Multi-Order Processor, allow user to change shipping methods?


Default settings for "If an order has any back-orders" options at Multi-Order Processor. (None, Any, Only Complete)


Default credit card mode at the Multi-Order Processor.


When you go to the Multi-Order Processor, which orders do you want start out viewing?

Note: This parameter was added in Version 5.805.


Default email template for the Multi-Order Processor.


Default setting of "Include Orders with Backorders" option at the Multi-Order Processor.


Default number of invoices to add to the Batch Print Queue at the Multi Order Processor.


Default number of mailing labels to add to the Batch Print Queue at the Multi-Order Processor.


Default Ship Date setting at the Multi-Order Processor.


Default setting of Add Shipping Labels to the Batch Queue check box at the Multi-Order Processor.


Default number of packing slips to add to the Batch Print Queue at the Multi-Order Processor.


Created: 2/23/11

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