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Sub SKU Options Screen

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The Sub SKU Options screen is accessed via Build Sub SKUs link in the Inventory & Suppliers tab of the Maintenance Menu. This is where the user can have the Order Manager create sub-SKUs for all possible combinations of all products and their attributes (options) at once, instead of building sub SKUs on a product by product basis at the Inventory screen.

Building sub SKUs for products enables the program to track inventory at the attribute level, rather than at the product level. For example, if you sell crew neck T-shirts, which come in several colors and sizes, wouldn't it be preferable to know how many of each size in each color are in stock, rather than simply knowing that you have 10 crew neck shirts in stock?

Some shopping cart systems create sub-SKUs at their end and therefore it is not necessary to have the Order Manager build them. If your shopping cart system does not provide that functionality, use this screen to have the Order Manager create them. If you do not wish to build sub-SKUs for all products, use the Build Sub-SKUs for this Item button on the Attributes/Options tab of the Inventory screen to build sub-SKUs for an individual product.

For more background information about product options and attributes, refer to the Knowledge Base topic, Options, Attributes and Sub SKUs.   

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Description of the Sub SKU Options Screen

Figure 1: Sub SKU Options screen

Create Sub SKU's for: Section

Build Sub SKU's Button

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Created: 7/11/11

Modified: 8/15/11

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