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Maintenance Menu Screen

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The Maintenance Menu is the program's main interface to many of the program's set-up or back-office activities. It is opened via the Wrench icon on the Main Menu.

Figure 1: Main Menu - Maintenance Menu Icon

Description of the Maintenance Menu Screen

Refer to Figure 2. Centered across the top of the screen, just beneath the title bar, is the name of the Order Manager store file that is currently opened by the program. Below the name of the store file, there is a series of icons or tabs that categorize the functions that can be accessed via the Maintenance Menu.  They are:

Figure 2: Maintenance Menu - Maintenance tab is selected

Mouse over and click any of the tabs on Figure 2 to be taken to a Knowledge Base article about that tab.

Using the Maintenance Menu

  1. Click on one of the icons (tabs) to see the list of possible activities in the list box below it. The currently selected tab will be outlined by a red, square box. For example, in Figure 2 the Maintenance tab is selected.

  2. Use the vertical scroll bar to navigate up or down the list of activities.

  3. Select an item from the list by clicking on the name, and then pressing [Enter] or click the [GO] button, to open the interface for that function. Double-clicking the name of the activity in the list will also open its interface, saving a key stroke.

  4. To leave the Maintenance Menu, simply click the button labeled [Return to Main Menu] at the bottom of the screen.


Created: 9/17/10


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