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Product Info Tab of Inventory Screen

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This article refers to the Product Info tab of the Inventory screen, where the user defines their products in the Order Manager. The Product Info tab is the repository for the most basic information about the product, such as the QOH, cost, price and purchasing information. It also includes buttons that display status information about the product, such as FIFO or Purchase Order status. The user can also to make adjustments to the product QOH at this tab.

Before the user is able to make changes to the fields on this tab, they must click the [Edit] button in the upper right-hand corner of the Inventory screen.  

Description of the Product Info Tab

Figure 1: Product Info tab of the Inventory screen

Actual Weight Field

Adjust QOH Button

Discontinued Check Box

Drop Ship Check Box

FIFO Status Button

Ignore QOH Check Box

No Layaways

# On Hand Field


Published Weight Field

Purchase Order Status Button

Reorder Point Field

Reorder Quantity Field

Sold Not Rec'd Field

Target Quantity

Taxable Check Box

Use Serial #'s Check Box

View Adjustments Button

View Quantity Not Shipped & Backordered Button

Figure 2: Inventory Status Message Box

Pricing Section

Reg. Price Column

On Sale Column

Sale Price Column

Suggested Retail Price

Category Drop-down List

Credit Account Drop-down List

Barcode Field

Email BCC Field

Storage Location Field

Fulfillment Center Field

Country of Origin Field

Don't do fulfillment Check Box

Not for sale (part) Check Box

Selling by Lots: If this item consists of multiple units of a different SKU Section

Single Unit SKU Field 

Browse Button

Qty. in this SKU Field

For Purchase Orders, order:

Single-Unit SKU Radio Button

an order will be placed with the supplier for the individual product SKU as designated in the Single Unit SKU field

This SKU Radio Button

an order will be placed with the supplier for the SKU that represents the Lot (the currently viewed inventory item)

Suppliers for this SKU Section

Primary Supplier Check Box

Supplier Name Column

Supplier's SKU Field

Unit Cost Field

# On Order Field

Suppliers Barcode for SKU

Add Button

Edit Button

Delete Button

View Suppliers Button

Suppliers Purchasing Rules Section

Order this item: Radio Buttons

by the Piece
by the Lot
by the Piece in fixed Lots

Minimum Order Qty. Field

Minimum Order Qty. Radio Buttons


Purchasing in Quantity Lots Section

Pieces per Lot Field

Cost per Lot Field

Supplier's Lot SKU

Lot Barcode Field

Lot Name Drop-down List

SKU Type: Radio Buttons





Created: 6/22/11

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