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Find a Product Screen (Find Item Form)

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The Find a Product screen is the mechanism by which the user can search for a product and subsequently add that product's information to the fields in the current function screen. This form is also titled as the Search Inventory screen.

It can be accessed by the [Search SKUs] button found on several screens:

Or it can also be accessed by the [Search] button on the Kits tab of the View Inventory screen, as well as the default [Product Lookup] hot key (F6) in the Point of Sale ( POS ) interface.

It is also called by the [Filter] button of the Export Inventory screen, where it is titled, Select Items. The [OK, Use Selected Item] button is relabeled to read [Export Selected Items].

Description of the Screen

The Find a Product screen is divided into three sections:

Figure 1: Find a Product Screen

Standard Fields Tab

The Standard Fields tab provides a wide variety of fields, for or from which criteria can be entered or selected, to narrow the search for a product record.

When all selections have been made, press the [Tab] or [Enter] keys to obtain a results list in the Select a Product section of the screen.

Data for Selected Product Tab

This tab will display information about the SKU that is highlighted in the Select a Product section of the screen. The fields are not edit-able here. The information is pulled from the product's inventory record and any changes to this information would have to be made from the View Inventory screen. The fields that are shown in this tab include the following:

Fields that are not visible until a product is highlighted in the Select a Product section of the screen are:

Product Image Tab

This tab displays the image file that is associated with an item. The tab will only be visible if the product that is highlighted in the Select a Product section of the screen has an image file associated with it.

Select a Product List Box

This section of the screen is where the products that match the search criteria entered on the Standard Fields tab will be displayed. Click on the row of a product in the list to view other information about the item in the Data for Selected Product and Product Image tabs.

The fields that are displayed in this list box are:

Above the right-hand corner of this list box there are three action buttons:

When the appropriate item (whose information is to be added to the current function screen), has been located and selected in this section of the screen, click the [OK - Use Selected Item] button. The Find a Product screen will close and the current function screen will be populated with that item's information.

Created: 9/15/10

Modified: 1/17/12


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