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Packing and Shipping Orders

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The Order Manager provides two "packing screens", Pack Orders and Pack & Ship, that are used to record information about items as they are placed in a box in preparation for shipping. However, only the Pack & Ship screen is also able to print a shipping label from one of the integrated shipping carriers. Another advantage of the Pack & Ship screen is that product images can be displayed to help reduce packing errors.  

In addition to the Pack & Ship screen, the Order Manager is able to print shipping labels from several other locations in the program, such as the QuickShip screen or the Shipping and Tracking tab of the View Orders screen. Packing information is not recorded when a shipping label is printed from either of these locations, however.

Use system parameter, Packing Form, to determine which packing screen the program will use. If it is preferable to use the QuickShip screen, set system parameter PackingAllowQuickShip to TRUE. Refer to Knowledge Base topic Set System Parameters for instructions.

Created: 1/6/12

Modified: 1/9/12

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