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The Import Products, etc. section of the Store Setup Wizard is where the user can initiate the process of importing their inventory, customers,  or old orders. Some shopping cart systems allow the user to import this information directly from the Web site, while others only supply that information in a text file form. Product and customer records can also be imported from QuickBooks, either directly from the application or from an .IIF  text file.

The Order Manager offers a utility to import almost every kind of data from a text file, except order data. That utility is the Import Data from other Sources screen, which can be opened via the Import/Export tab of the Maintenance Menu.

To import order information from a text file for an officially integrated shopping cart system, it must be in the proper format (as exported by the shopping cart) to be imported via the Import Orders screen, or the user can purchase a Generic Shopping Cart license to import the order information from a text file.

Associating supplier information with inventory products can also be accomplished at this screen. Use the Import Data from other Sources screen to import a large number of supplier records from a text file before attempting to assign suppliers to products.

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Description of Page 1 of the Import Products, etc. Section

Figure 1: Store Setup Wizard, Import Products, etc., Page 1

Import Products or Customers from a Shopping Cart

Import Products, Customers, etc. from a Text File or Database

Import Products or Customers from QuickBooks

Assign Products to Suppliers

Import Old Orders

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