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Shopping Cart Functions Screen

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The Shopping Cart Functions screen is accessible from the Cart Functions tab of the Maintenance Menu. This screen is the place where cart related functions can be performed, such as importing customer or product information, or pulling or pushing Quantity on Hand data from or to the selected shopping cart. The activities that can be initiated from this screen are dependent on the particular shopping cart system. Not all shopping carts support all of these activities. Generally speaking, if an activity is not visible on the Shopping Cart Functions screen, the cart is not able to perform that function. Refer to the Shopping Cart Matrix and the specific Knowledge Base pages for each cart to confirm the cart's capabilities.

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Description of the Shopping Cart Functions Screen

Figure 1: Shopping Cart Functions screen

Fields and Controls on the Shopping Cart Functions screen

Select a Shopping Cart List

Synchronize Quantity on Hand (QOH)

Send QOH to Cart Type
Maximum number of items per send
Get QOH from Cart Type
Create Records for New Products

Import Data From Cart Type

If the Import Inventory or Import Customer buttons are not available, it may still be possible to import inventory or customer information via a text file. See Import Data from Other Sources Knowledge Base page for more information.

Import Inventory
Import Customers
Update Matching Records
Maximum number of products or customers to download at a time:   

Close Button



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Modified: 9/25/13

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