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Import Inventory

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The Import Options screen is displayed when the Import Inventory button on the Shopping Cart Functions screen is clicked. This function is used to import product records from the shopping cart (web store) into the Order Manager, if the shopping cart supports that feature.

Some shopping carts that support this feature may deviate slightly from the example shown in this topic, as indicate in the list at the end of this topic. Review the Knowledge Base pages for the specific shopping cart to determine its capabilities or check the Shopping Cart Matrix.

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Description of the Import Options Screen

Figure 1: Import Options screen - invoked from Import Product button on Shopping Cart Functions screen

Fields and Controls on the Import Options Screen

Start by deleting all existing Inventory?

When new items are already present:

Choose one of the following:

Replace all existing data
Only replace selected fields
Do not modify existing data

Option Lists:

Replace all options lists
      • all of the option lists for the product will be replaced with new information from the shopping cart

Just add new option lists
      • existing option lists of products will not be affected, but if an option list for a product (that previously did not have one) is encountered it will be added to the inventory record

Don't import options
      • take no action in regard to option lists

Replace data in fields that are checked below:

      • ItemName field of the Inventory table

      • Description field of the Inventory table

      • RetailPrice field of the Inventory table

OK Button

Cancel Button


Some Shopping Cart Systems that have Atypical Shopping Cart Functions Screens  


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Created: 1/28/11

Modified: 2/26/14

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