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Scan Inventory Screen

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The Scan Inventory (Inventory Scanner) screen is accessed via the Scan Non-PO Items activity in the Inventory & Suppliers tab of the Maintenance Menu.  This screen is used to "receive" inventory into the Order Manager that was not part of an Order Manager-generated Purchase Order.

If products are obtained from a vendor via the Purchase Order system, the merchant must use the Receive Inventory button on the Purchase Order screen to enter those items into the Order Manager's inventory system.

The Scan Inventory screen offers a better alternative to updating non-purchase order inventory's QOH via the Receive button on the Inventory screen, which is a record by record process. The Scan Inventory screen provides the ability to enter incoming QOH data for more than one SKU at a time at a single screen. Even more time can be saved by scanning the barcodes of the products when receiving inventory at this screen.

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Description of the Scan Inventory Screen

Figure 1: Scan Inventory (Inventory Scanner) screen when initially opened

Barcode Field

SKU Field

Scanned SKUs Field

Scanned Items Field

Directions Section (not labeled as such in the program)

Scanned Items Grid

Barcode Column

SKU Column

Quant. Column

Item Name Column

Cancel Entire List Button

Cancel Last Scanned Item Button

Close Button

Save Button

Using the Scan Inventory Screen

  1. Identify the product being received by scanning the barcode label on the product or by typing the product SKU into the SKU field. If a barcode scanner is used, the SKU field will be filled in automatically.  

  2. Continue to scan additional units of the same product to increment the Quant. field in the Scanned Items section of the screen, or manually enter the total number of units received into the Quant. field.

  3. Continue scanning other products until finished.

  4. If an error has been made and you want to start over, click the [Cancel Entire List] button; or if you only want to un-do the last eligible action, click the [Cancel Last Scanned Item].

  5. When you are sure the data is correct, click the [Save] button to add the values in the Quant. fields to the corresponding # On Hand fields of the inventory records currently displayed in the grid.

  6. Click [Close] to exit the Scan Inventory screen.


Created: 8/8/2011

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