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Process Tracking Numbers

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The function known as Process Tracking Numbers performs two basic tasks:

Based on settings chosen by the user and when certain conditions have been met, the mechanism that triggers the function will become enabled at various intervals through out the work day. The user must then manually start the process via the Maintenance Menu, however.

Executing the Process Tracking Numbers Function

Figure 1: Shipping & Fulfillment tab - when there is no new tracking information to send

Figure 2: Shipping & Fulfillment tab - when there is new tracking information to send

System Parameters of Interest

Refer to the Email, Shipping and Drop Ship parameter groups for a complete list of parameters in those groups. The parameters listed here are just a few that affect the Process Tracking Numbers function.


Parameter Name



Set to false to avoid sending tracking number email to customers placing orders through Amazon


If TRUE, when you import tracking numbers from FEDEX, UPS or a .csv text file, or when you click Process Tracking Numbers (on the Maintenance Menu), an email message will be sent for each order that has a new tracking number. Only works if EmailSendMethod is set to Order Manager.


Set to True (default) to run the "Process Tracking Numbers" utility (to email numbers, etc.) after processing an order or batch through Dazzle. If set to False, no tracking number processing is done until you click on the "Process Tracking Numbers" button on the Maintenance Menu.



Set to True (default) to have the system process tracking numbers after posting Drop-Ship Tracking information. Set to False to avoid the tracking number processing to save time during drop-ship tracking posting.


Enter the number of days back the Process Tracking Numbers routine looks in the Tracking Table for unprocessed tracking numbers. Default=7 (days)


If true, Yahoo will send an e-mail to customers whose tracking numbers are updated by the "e-mail tracking" feature. Default is true.


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Created: 3/30/11

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