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Kits Tab of the Inventory Screen

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The Kits tab of the Inventory screen is one of two places in the program that a Kit SKU can be defined. The other place is at the Define Kits screen which is opened by selecting Kits on the Inventory & Supplier tab of the Maintenance Menu. Both interfaces are quite similar, as one might expect.

For more information about Kits, please refer to the Knowledge Base topic, Define Kits Screen.

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Description of the Kits Tab of the Inventory Screen

Figure 1: Inventory screen - Kits tab

Add Button

Delete Button

Multi-Select Button

Parts in this Kit Section

Part SKU Column

Quantity Column

Item Name Column

Inherit Kit Options Column

QTY Field

Search Button

SKU to Add Combo Box


Creating a Kit SKU

  1. At the Inventory screen, [Add] a new inventory record that will become the Kit SKU.


  1. Click the Kits tab and enter, search or select the product SKU to be a component of the kit in the SKU to Add combo box. The [Multi-Select] or [Search] buttons can be used to enter a product into the SKU to Add combo box.

  2. Enter the number of units of the component needed for the kit in the Qty field or use the Up and Down arrows to change the value of the Qty field.

  3. Click the [Add] button.

  4. Optional: Check the [Inherit Kit Options] check box to have any Option lists (attributes) of the Kit SKU copied into the Options or Freeform Options fields of each component's line item in the order. To learn more about options and attributes review the Knowledge Base topic, Options, Attributes and Sub-SKUs. In the context of this topic, the process of building of sub-SKUs is not relevant nor required.

  5. To add an option list to a Kit SKU, click on the Attributes/Options tab of the inventory record and follow the instructions in the Knowledge Base topic, Add/Edit Option List screen.

  6. Repeat steps 1 through 6 as many times as necessary until all components of the kit have been added to the inventory record of the Kit SKU.   

  7. The changes made at this tab are take effect immediately and do not need to be saved.


Created: 6/21/11

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