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Add/Edit Option List Screen

To manually add or edit Options Lists, go to Maintenance Menu> Inventory & Suppliers> Inventory.

Add Option Lists:

Option Lists group your products attributes.

List Name – Label of the option group i.e. Size Color Flavor

Prompt – Text used instead of List Name when placing an order

Image Path – If the Inventory Import from the Shopping cart sends this information it is stored here other then that it is not currently used in the program.

Price – Price +/- modifier if option has no selectable option i.e. Textbox

Cost – Cost +/- modifier if option has no selectable option i.e. Textbox

Weight – Additional weight selecting this option causes

Required – Whether or not selecting an option in this list is mandatory

Use when building SubSKUs – if building SubSKUs use the options in this list

Option Type – the user interface used to select an option in the list



Add Option:

Options are what populates your Option Lists and is what the customer actually selects.

Name – Name of the option selected that will show when selecting option and on the order

SKU Code – If building sub-SKU’s use this code instead of "Name"

Image path -

Price +/- -Increase or decrease Price

Cost +/- - Increase or decrease Cost

Weight +/- - Increase or decrease Weight

Is a Label – Not an actual option but an instruction for selecting an option i.e. "Select an Option from List"

Default – whether or not this option is selected by Default

Don’t Use – Exclude this option from being selectable during order processing


Copy Options from another Product:

This function allows you to copy all or selected Option Lists from another Product.


Created: 1/20/12

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